Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fall Post - Things We've Done Since October

Gretel's First Halloween!

For Halloween Gretel was such a fashionista wearing her preemie (still baggy)onesie and her festive black tutu!
Gwen looks a little humiliated in her "Happy Hallowiener" costume!

Gretel's First Spa Mani/Pedi

It was so fun clipping and filing her tiny little nails! Her hands are so miniature and cute-Her nails are so thin and fragile, I had to bust out the hot pink buffer to use it as a file, because it's much more gentle and she had some rough edges from the clippers. I just loved her first appointment with me! I think she likes me taking care of her and making her feel like a lady! I put her right to relaxed just like a true woman at the spa!

...those were a couple of our fave highlights of last month.

Now here are some choice pics of our little "milkmaid!" Johnny named her this, and it's become my favorite nickname!

She loves her "bling" binky-thanks, Betsy!

Thanks to Auntie Hab for the fab headband! (it feels like real rose petals!)

Tummy time! She's always had the strongest neck, and has been able to hold it up since day 1...

Our little "Mad-Hatter" - she gets mad every time we put this hat on her...

She's a natural at impersonations - this is her Dr. Evil from Austin Powers - she wanted to shave her head bald for the full effect but mommy wouldn't let her.

Our Posh Princess is ready to be chauffeured around town

She Loves bath time - maybe she just likes hanging out in the buff like her old man.

Sweet dreams Gretel Emeline