Friday, June 8, 2012

Major Catch-up!

 Since I never blogged about any of the big holidays and things, I figured I should just do it even though it's out of order!  It's now or never, I thought! 

This first picture describes how Gretel spends most of her days-doing a whole lot of nothing!  She rolls around on the floor humming and telling us stories of "Louis-and-the-frog,"  (her alter-ego)
She never gets bored because she has the biggest imagination I've ever seen!  She is always in her own little world, and makes us play along while she directs each of her short films.  She's very particular about every little thing and it makes me think that she'll want to direct movies when she grows up!

Helping me make Jello Valentine cookies for Valentine's Day!
Her last play date with her friend Evelyn, before she moved away
 Johnny surprised both of us with flowers and a balloon for Grettie on Valentine's Day, and we posed before running out the door to get ice cream at Coldstone
 One of her many funny faces

 Walking to the neighbor's house and checking out the moon.  I just liked her face here.

Her friend Kadence invited her to go and see Disney on Ice with her, so I took some pictures before they left!
 This is what we call her "Popeye" face and she does it all the time when she's mad!  Hands on hips are an added bonus!
 Another series of funny faces...

 This last one made us laugh SO hard!  Johnny was being silly and described to her how she should pose, and she followed his directions which turned into THIS!
 Just snapped this fast after church one day
 We went to Newport in March and it was Gretel's first time in the ocean!  She normally won't even touch the sand with her feet, so she's made major progress!  The water was so freezing on my feet as I was taking these pictures, that I don't know how they actually were able to be in the water.  Crazy!!

 Being silly in Johnny's parent's backyard

She lives to draw in the dirt

 Her first time climbing a tree, and she loved it!
 I thought it was funny how her expression gradually changed, and she became worried
 Holding on for dear life
 Back to happy!
 She used to sleep on piles of every blanket she could find, which was her kitty bed, before we changed her room around

 We snapped a few last pictures of her room before we brought our queen bed in from the guest room and gave it to her for her big girl bed.  She helped move things in and out, and was very excited!

 She's thrilled about her new pink bed!
 Helping paint Atticus's room, and loving it!

 This was her monster she painted on the wall
 We posed together after Johnny worked his magic!  We love how it turned out!!  We'll have to add some pictures of the room now that all the furniture is in!
 Her first time coloring Easter eggs was such a hit!  She was in heaven.

 After she found her basket, she insisted on holding it in her teeth, because that's what kitties do.  She is always in character!  We will probably have to get her a pet kitty one day, since she asks for one all the time!

 One of my last nights reading a story to Gretel before Atticus arrived!