Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Bedtime for Bonzo

Now that she's officially out of her crib due to climbing out, this is what she does now every naptime and bedtime. Kill me now!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Devil Child

I was a real devil child when I was younger-from the time I was a baby through maybe age 5 or so I'm guessing. My mom and dad always tell me these awful stories about myself and the things I would say and do, and I feel bad for them as parents! I was mean to a handicapped child that was in my primary class, and I made a couple of my primary teachers cry: I said to one of them, "I've already heard this story, YOU OLD BAG!!" I was very young, but definitely old enough to know better.
Gretel is following in my (climbing) footsteps, so I hope she doesn't take after me in all the other ways as well, or I am in for it!!

This was me when I was about 1 year old, but my mom says I started climbing in and out of my crib before I'd turned 1. Crazy!! She'd say, "Climb in your bed" and I'd do it. I guess I didn't realize until talking to her just a second ago that I'd climb in...I thought I only knew how to climb out.

Two nights ago, Gretel was crying really hard at 4:30 am, and when I went to check on her she was sitting/straddling her crib railing-sitting right on top of it with one leg on each side. I got her some milk and Motrin because I think she's teething, changed her diaper, and rocked her for about 20 minutes, then thought I'd put her back in her bed. I knew she wouldn't be happy about it, but I didn't know what else to do. There are pillows beneath her crib, but I was still in bed listening for a thud. I didn't hear anything except for her bedroom door being shut and her sudden screaming. I ran to go get her, and sort of bumped her with the door because she was on the floor right by it, just as I feared.
We brought her back to bed with us, but that was a disaster. I think it was about 6 am when I decided to set up the portable crib in her room, even though she's really close to pulling herself out of that, too.
Anyway, until I can get a crib tent for her that is where she's sleeping! I just really don't want to move her to a toddler bed & lock her in her room yet-it just doesn't feel very safe to me right now. So I guess I'll make her some s'mores, because pretty soon, she'll be campin' out!!!

(an old picture of me again-I need to take some pictures of the little hellion in her angry bedtime mode soon)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

O Sister, Where Art Thou?

Sisters, sisters...there were never such devoted sisters
Caring, sharing
Every little thing that we are wearing
(except when I'd spill guacamole on everything I'd borrow from you)

Hab-this post is dedicated to Y-O-U! I miss you for so many reasons, and I find myself thinking that I wish you lived by me (yes, Sac is where the party's at) because we'd be having so much fun! I threw in a bunch of old pictures of us "just for grins" and I took them out of that "Sisters" album you made me. I think they're lots of fun to look at!

I love that we always had matching jammies! (and other clothes's too bad we don't have pictures of us in our squirrel outfits!

How easy we are to entertain...I remember having sooo much fun taking these pictures as we were rolling with laughter at that hideous clip-on hair piece, and me (of course) taping up my nose!!

Our rad 80's unitards!

I know I was really missing you for a lame reason when I was asked (as part of my activities committee job) to make a poster. I needed your skillz since you're the poster queen! I wanted you to see how it turned out because I was very proud of my first poster! I woman in my ward helped me a ton, because she used her Cricut to cut out the letters.
The heart is 3-D; it was a Valentine chocolates box. I had to make two of these posters so it was perfect because I used the top and the bottom of the box. I thought the black boa and rhinestones completed the look.
It looks much better in person, though.

I am always missin' you extra bad when I get that awful "line of demarcation" aka roots!! Although I would never recommend to anyone that they should color their own hair, I wanted you to see how I had to do my roots last summer when I was blonde. Johnny would hold up a mirror at a certain angle so I could see the crown area, and it would totally stress him out!
There is a definite reason why people should leave this to the professionals...I'm sure you agree with me, as you've had to fix plenty of at-home color disasters!
Thankfully you taught me well, and I could only do my partline just to get me through until my next appointment with you.

I was proud of how my highlights turned out, and wanted you to see it!

Being brunette this past winter has made coloring my own hair a little easier, but my tresses are still in desperate need of your highly skilled fingers! (my friends say you need to come here, because you have a clientele here too)
Anyway, with the weather so warm I'm itching for highlights!!

Good thing I'm coming to town soon, so you can beautify me...and I'm excited to do your makeup for your fam pictures! We need each other's skillz!