Friday, May 29, 2009

"C-THACK" Will Be My Prison Name...

I was recently summoned to appear for jury duty, and totally forgot to go! When I first got the papers in the mail, I told Johnny about it and made a mental note of the date (which was the first week of May). Then, I filed the papers in my little folder titled "Attention" so I would remember--too bad I never paid much "attention" to that folder. My very organized mother-in-law helped me create a system for all my mail the last time she came to visit us. The mail/paper in general is my biggest enemy and I can't seem to get control of it. Thanks Cheryl, it does work for me most of the time!!

Anyway, Johnny was really sweatin' it and told me that we'd probably get charged a huge fine, that I could be put in jail, and that this was "serious." I'm sure he was also concerned that he'd have to become a single parent due to my irresponsible behavior! So, if I happen to get thrown in the slammer, I just wanted you to know how to address your letters you may be mailing me!

P.S. "C-THACK" will be in her dark cell singing "Close Every Door To Me" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
P.S.S. Johnny made me call the courthouse and they said that they would resend another jury assignment, so hopefully no harm no foul!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mamacita Day!!

So Mother's Day was a real blast!! Johnny made me breakfast in bed, and it was delicious!! He started working on it the night before, and made baked French toast. Yum!! While it was in the oven, he got up with Gretel and fed her some rice cereal. Then he brought my breakfast upstairs on a tray with milk in my favorite little goblet, and maple syrup in a pitcher, a bowl of strawberries and raspberries, and a little folded napkin. It was so wonderful! Then he gave me a Juicy charm of ballet slippers for my charm bracelet.

I love being little Gretel's mom so much! She is such a good little girl! Last year on Mother's Day I was pregnant; it's so weird to think about that, and now she's here and we're having a blast with her every day! I am so lucky!

Also, I had to speak in church which Johnny pointed out was unfair, because they usually give all the women a day off from their churchie duties on Mother's Day. I found some good material, and thanks to my hubby, it was all well organized! He helped me whip it into shape. I talked about a mother's heart, and how its nurturing qualities are able to embrace many, including animals (for my little Gwen and for all the women out there who love their pets as much as I love mine)

Anyway, I felt like it went well, and I'm glad it's over! The banana splits we got in R.S. were a perfect reward!

I should've written about this sooner-Johnny and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on April 20th!! I'm so lame, I didn't even post anything the day of. But I found this pic of us on our first anniversary, with the cake I'd made us in our wedding colors!

This year, we went out to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, and we're planning to go on a picnic on the Sacramento River after John's dumb finals are over!! (the day of our anniversary, it was 90 degrees so we didn't think the picnic sounded too fun)

It was my most favorite anniversary yet, because the gifts we gave were so much fun! I made him this little storybook/scrapbook titled, "John Juan-Boy vs. Man: A Captivating Tale of Inner Struggle" I have many nicknames for Johnny, and "John Juan" is my most recent. Anyway, I loved making it, and he loves looking at it! He gave me a very funny card he made explaining why he chose my gift, which was a sailboat Juicy charm! We both put a lot of thought and planning into our presents, and it ended up being so much fun to exchange them!!

A few fun pics of our babies... I love being a mom to my girls!!!

And a little shout out to our own moms-you guys are the best! We hope you both had a wonderful day, and we love you!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Bananas...B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!

So little Gretel Gumdrops is now eating some solid snackies! She started off with her rice cereal, (which she loved right away) then tried bananas. She isn't too fond of them, even though I gave them to her for 5 days straight, hoping she'd get used to the taste. She makes these breathy gagging sounds, and squints her eyes. She also likes to get rid of it by leaning over her little chair and sticking out her tongue until the mashed-up mess plops onto the kitchen table. Then the finger painting begins! Here are some pics...

She LOVES to blow spit bubbles at me while her mouth is full of food!

She really loves avocado, and eats it with no problemo! I yell "holy guacamole" in an obnoxious voice when I feed it to her, and she gets a real charge out of it!

She is an active little squirt! She's gotten so good at rolling around, that she's now really into scooting around the room on her tummy! She also holds herself up in plank position and takes a couple of knee crawls, then falls and does more army crawling. Her fave spot to scoot to is the kitchen chair, so she can lick the leg-sick!

She is soo squirmy, and is always kicking her feet or scratching something with her little fingernails. I call her my "little kitten" or "Kitty Cucumber" (I had paper dolls named that when I was little) for 3 reasons:

*she laps up the milk
*her cooing sounds have always sounded just like a cat, and
*because Johnny says she needs a scratching post for those nails! (I didn't even know what a scratching post was until recently)

I just took her to the Doctor a few days ago, so here are the "little kitten's" most recent measurements:

Weight: 9%
Height: 39%

Our "plump dumpling" isn't so plump afterall- she's definitely on the small side, so we're going to keep the groceries coming!