Friday, September 26, 2008

"The Women" aka the worst movie I've ever seen....

The other night I went to see the movie "The Women" with some girls in my ward, and it was atrocious! We all thought it would be a fun ladies night out movie to go to without the hubbies. Boy were we wrong! Do not go and see this; you'll hate it (unless you're a masochist) It really was beyond bad. I know it looked kind of lame from the previews, but I wanted to run, not walk out of there! I've never cared less about how a movie ended.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know so you don't waste your time or money (thankfully we all used coupons so we got in for the matinee price; otherwise I'd be even more disgusted)
If you've already seen it, and somehow liked it, I'm sorry if I've offended! Just wanted to let you all know how torturous the evening was!

- Chelsea

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Chonny!

It was my birthday on Monday September 22 and Johnny's was (yesterday) the 23rd! We look forward to our back-to-back birthday celebrations each year!
We did a little pre-date last Saturday afternoon by going to Dream Dinners and doing a session together! It sounds silly, but I've always wanted to do that as a little date! We had even more fun than expected!
For my birthday, Johnny made me my favorite orange pancakes for breakfast.

Thanks to everyone who called to sing/wish me a happy birthday! Everyone was so thoughtful! And thanks Amanda for baking such yummy cupcakes for me!
One of the fabulous gifts I received was a gift certificate to a very fun store/website. It's called if you want to check it out. The woman who owns it is in my stake, and sells everything out of her home. So I spent my afternoon choosing some spoils for me and my upcoming bundle! It was a fabulous day!

Since Johnny had school on both our b-days, we're going to go on a date to celebrate this weekend!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're having a baby (nursery and preg pics included)!!

and she is coming soon!!! Chelsea's due date is October 19th and I have a feeling that these last 4 weeks are going to lsat FOREVER! (i meant last - i knew that test would have everlasting consequences on my psyche.) We are both really excited for the big day.

This summer I spent a few weeks getting the nursery ready. I had a vision and it turned out better than I could have hoped.

So on to my beautiful wife. I have some pics of her pregnant progression.

Above: March and May Below: June and July
Below: August
Chelsea found out she was pregnant on Valentines day (2008). I think the last 8 months have been a lot of fun between doctors visits, preparing the nursery, and trips to various baby stores.

Our new attempt at blogging

Chelsea and I set up our blog a year ago this month and this is our very first post. We have now changed the background and layout of our page and have renewed our commitment to having a functional blog. Our goal between now and September 2009 is to increase our posting by at least 100% (which would mean at least two posts).