Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My wicked weekend!

Way back in September, my besties and I went to San Fran to see the show Wicked. I am now getting around to posting all of these pictures. What fun we had!!!

Abby was figuring out the timer for the camera, and none of us knew the picture was being taken-we thought it was funny, how it turned out!

At a yummy dinner before the show
Inside the bart station, we stopped to pose by our sign~
A funny story about me riding the bart: when putting in my ticket for our last ride, I was expecting my ticket to come back out of the machine like it did before. But since it was my last ride it didn't come back to me-the machine kept it. But I wasn't thinking about this, and waited for my ticket. I waited too long, and the bar that lets you through (like at Disneyland rides) closed and I was trapped. With a long line of people behind me, I had to jump over the bar, which was not pretty with me wearing a skirt. The man that worked there yelled at me, until we went over and while giggling, explained to him that I'm just not all there. He seemed amused, and didn't care. We all had a good laugh about what a dope I am!

Awesome show!!
Starving afterward...we stopped at Mel's Diner for some pancakes and milkshakes

The next morning, we ate the best breakfast at a place called Honey Honey (our other favorite place there is Judy's-they are both fab!)
Abby used to live there, so she knows what's up-she's a great travel buddy, and I'd be too scared to go there without her.
Abby said Shauna and I MUST get a picture at the top of this street because it's famous for being the most steep. I can't remember the name of it, or other details about it...I'll have to ask her.

We had a blast-so sad to leave. Girls trips rock my world!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Holidays 2010

We finally unloaded our very full camera, and I figured I should post some Thanksgiving and Christmas pics. For Thanksgiving, we went to SoCal to spend the holiday with Johnny's fam. Everyone was able to make it, so that was nice. Ellie and Gretel loved dining and playing together!

They are women, hear them roar! Caitland and Cheryl, cooking our turkey rostisserie style

Gwennie waiting beneath, hoping for some scraps to drop

One of the best parts of this trip, was the girls riding around the courtyard on this little bike. It was fun to see little Jane joining in on the fun. What pleasant weather we enjoyed!

Gretel of course, making her princesses dance together. These are from the toyroom there; little does she know, Santa will later bring her the whole princess collection!!

Gwen modeling her Juicy fur coat my parents gave her a couple of years ago! She's ready for some glam holiday parties!!

Now on to the Christmas fun.... Johnny's mom's friend had these hats made for the 3 little granddaughters-so cute!

Waiting for the annual sleigh ride (with Rapunzel too!) that we go on with Johnny's fam

We rode the carriage ride around temple square and Gretel loved our horse, Charlie

Christmas day-Gretel loved her "Beast and Belle" and made sure Beast danced with all the other princesses too. Grandma and Grandpa gave her a "Cinda-grella" dress and shoes, which she calls her glass slippers, and gave her Rapunzel, Beast, and Jasmin as well as other goodies.

Her favorite thing that Johnny and I got her was the whole princess Barbie collection. She was thrilled!

She's still obsessed with this book Caitland gave her-thanks Cait!!

She loved playing with Hudson and Ollie and I feel so bad I don't have a picture with Hudda-all three kids got matching jammies from my parents and Hab got a cute picture of them on Christmas Eve.
Gretel loved chasing and playing with them-and they all loved the train, of course... We took the kids to the Living Aquarium one day and they loved it, as always. Hudson especially loved Gretel and was so extra sweet with her. He cried when we would leave to go to Johnny's fam's, and he cried when we left to go home. All three were such good playmates! She misses you too, Hudda!

She got tons of books and clothes/shoes from Mimi and Pop-C, as well as a play kitchen, pretend food, and shopping cart!
One of her favorite things about Johnny's parents house was the drinking fountain. She would climb up on her little ladder and hang out there for a really long time! She'd also wear my headband and call it her crown.

She still fights getting dressed, but she doesn't fight about putting on her "doll dress." Thanks mom and dad, she loves it!

I got to fly out separately with Gretel while poor Johnny drove alone and even slid off the road into a ditch one night! Poor guy-thanks dad, for fixing everything on his car as part of our many Christmas gifts, and also for flying Gretel and I! You are too nice to us!
I stayed for a total of 3 weeks, and it was a great trip home! A highlight for me was going with my fam on New Year's Eve to see a play at Desert Star Playhouse. It's one of my favorite places to go, and it made me miss the days when we had season tickets with Hab and Steve and we'd go on double dates!
Thanks fam, for all the fun dinners and nights just hanging out and talking....we had a blast with you all!