Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big Poppa...

Another face from Gretel....she's so funny.  She has heard me say to Gwen (while I'm massaging her) "Look at those big brown eyes....look at that little black nose...look at those furry little ears...."  etc.
So when Atticus aka "Big Poppa" as I mostly call him was pretty new she looked at him and sweetly said, "Look at those plump little eyebrows....look at those fat little eyes....look at those juicy lips!"
I laughed so hard, and whenever we do that she gets so mad!  She says angrily, "NOT FUNNY!"
I especially loved the description of his "fat little eyes!"  haha!  She's a hoot!


I love his jolly little smile right here, and below I think it looks like he's doing a "yo yo what up dawg?" type of pose...
(I also like to call him "Biggie Smalls" because I like rapper nicknames!)
But I also like to throw into the mix Papa Smurf, Biggin' and Mr. Bundles-I rarely call him Atticus


He looks like a wise old owl-so serious!  That's not his personality at all.  He is such a giggly little boy!  I love him so much.  He is SO sweet and mellow, always laughing and grinning at everyone.  He is always happy and is super easy!

Gretel loves to wrap blankets around his head.  Lately she insists that I call him Figaro, and she's still Louie-and-the-frog (they are both kitties) while Gwen is Pluto, I'm Minnie, Johnny's Mickey.  And we all have to talk in character.

She's feeding him his first bottle (he's really only had two) and loving it!  I don't think he's loving it so much, though!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

May and June fun things

I wanted to post pictures of both Atticus and Gretel because they are both 2 weeks old here, and I think they look so similar!!

My friend Katrina took these pictures of him when he was two weeks. 

Johnny found out in May that he passed the CA bar exam!  YAY!!!  We were so excited!  In June, he had his swearing in ceremony, so here are a few pictures of that day...

Gretel always pulls the best faces!

Since all day every day Gretel is a kitty, she went through a short phase of wearing all her headbands as "kitty collars."  It doesn't show that much in the picture, but these things were stacked to the point of a very uncomfortable looking neck brace!!

"Figgy pudding" as I like to call him lived in this seat for quite a while...(so did Gretel).  It was the only thing that could calm his newborn fussiness!  He looks so scared here! 

Posted by PicasaThis post only published half of my pictures, and I don't know how to fix it, so the next batch of pictures will just be a continuation of this!