Thursday, June 30, 2011

Johnny's Graduation!

On May 14th, Johnny graduated from law school! For the few weeks before the big day, we just kept saying how much we both could not believe that his school days were finally coming to an end. He has been in school since we got married, so for the past six years we have known only finals, tests, deadlines and a lot of studying! I say "we" because even though I am not in school (thank heavens-I can't imagine anything more horrid) I'm still affected by all of his late nights/all-nighters as he stays up to study for a final or to finish a paper.
He can't understand why I feel the stress of it-I think it's mostly because I feel really sorry for him. But he is crazy and really likes school! His favorite little latin phrase translates into, "learn for the love of learning."

Both his parents and mine came to his graduation! Thanks, that was so nice of you guys to come and visit for a short but important weekend. That morning, Gretel woke up with a fever so she was pretty out of it during some of the pictures. She just wanted to sleep, the poor girl! Johnny carried her across the stage with him when his name was called, and she was the first child that had been carried with a parent, so the audience liked it. Later there were lots of kids that went with their parents, so it was fun to see how many law students had young kids.
It was strange weather-freezing cold and really windy. The night before graduation we went to dinner with his parents. Then they had to leave town right after the ceremony, so we went to dinner with my parents. On the way home from that, we stopped off at Toys R Us so my dad could get Gretel a trike. She had been asking him for a blue one for a little while, and she'd call him on the phone to talk to him about it, so she was excited! (He got her a Disney princess one with a matching helmet, and she was thrilled!) Gretel calls him "Pot-C" instead of "Pop-C" so....thanks "Pot-C!"

Anyway, graduation day was great and he is really excited to be able to "work hard for the hard for it honey...." If he had his way, he'd be working in criminal law. He has been working as an intern for the past two years in criminal defense. He got to do a real jury trial and loved it! (and I got to watch one day of it, and thought he did a great job)
He got an award in school right before graduation that was the "most likely to set a killer free" award, which I thought was fun, but I have some conflicting feelings about-do I want my husband setting killers free?

Anyway, I am so proud of you Johnny! You have worked so hard the last four years, and I wish you lots of luck while taking the brutal bar exam!
Now I hope you are able to pass the bar so you can get a jobby-job, so we can start paying off our hefty student loans!

Caitland and John's Wedding

In May Johnny's sister got married! She married John Sawyer, so we have another John in the fam now! (Gretel now has a "Daddy Johnny," a "Grandpa John" and an "Uncle John")
It was so gorgeous and fun-the highlight for me was seeing John's face as he was looking at Caitland during the ceremony. He was so teary and just looked at her like he was so in love. It was the sweetest....true love!!
Another part that I want to remember is when Gretel saw Caitland in her dress right before the ceremony. She looked at her and said, "you look like Sleeping Beauty!"

I wanted a picture of them, and he'd just changed out of his tux

I tell Gretel that this is Rapunzel's sun

Gretel had a cumquat in her cheek-she loved picking and eating them all day

The m&ms were the wedding colors and had Caitland and John's names on them

Devon had gotten Ellie this $7 Minnie balloon. (She was so nice to share it with Gretel)

Devon told Caitland to help hold it because he was super stressed it would float up into the sky. I can't remember why, but Caitland said something like "well I'll show you, Minnie..." and playfully punched her face. Her ring punctured a hole and we all heard the air escaping! It was so awful and funny! Devon hid the balloon from Ellie the rest of the trip because the ears were the only part that survived.

Gretel's two highlights were meeting Mickey and meeting Rapunzel!

Mickey was really nice; she was in heaven because he gave her a hug and kiss.

Ellie is pretty shy and quiet, so when she meets princesses she hugs them, and is quiet and very cuddly. She met Rapunzel first and Gretel watched, so I thought Gretel would act similarly. I was so wrong!

Gretel's reaction was hilarious, and totally unexpected! She ran and jumped all around her tower, in a nervous/excited sort of way. She didn't get very close to her at first, but just asked her a bunch of questions about the tower like, "are those the floating lights?" I wish I had video of it, but I only have pictures.

She watches Tangled all the time, and I think she couldn't believe that she was actually meeting her!
She was such a pretty girl, and I was so impressed with her tower and hair/costume. It was really fun for me to see her too!

The teacup ride makes me sick, so I was grateful that the men took the girls on it! Gretel's favorite rides were Pinocchio's Daring Journey, and Snow White's Scary Adventures. She went on both of them several times in a row, and it was perfect because neither of them were crowded and we walked right on each time.

She loves scary things, so she was thrilled to see the scary whale with the sharp teeth and the witch holding the poison apple. She still asks me if we can go on both of these rides.

She also loved Pirates of the Carribean, and sings "yo yo, yo yo, a pirate's life for me!" I like how she says yo yo, instead of yo ho!

Other favorites were the Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World, and Dumbo!

We can't wait to go back-I just live for Disneyland!!