Friday, October 21, 2011

Talking Tom

Gretel turning 3 last week, but I haven't gotten the pictures from her fun party on my computer yet. So birthday and party pics still to come...
I didn't want to forget this funny conversation I overheard between Gretel and Talking Tom, which is a very cute ipad app that she likes. Tom is a cat that does many different things, and one of them is to repeat everything you say.

So the other day Gretel was saying to it, "Hello Tom, what's your name? I'm Gretel."

Tom of course repeats this.

She says, "No I'm Gretel!"

Tom repeats, with the same voice inflection.

They continue to go back and forth with "I'm Gretel!" until she gives up and says, "Fine-you're Gretel."

He repeats this too, and I was standing over her shoulder watching and trying so hard not to laugh. She noticed me at this point and looked up and said, "We were fighting a little bit."

Oh, goodness; she really makes me laugh!!