Friday, February 27, 2009

Here she is, Miss America.....

Thanks, mom for her fabulous tiara! She feels like one of the pageant girls-
Here's Miss California!!!

I have a cute little story, and even though it happened a while ago, I have to write it down. A month ago, the Miss America pageant was on and I was watching the beginning with Gretel. It was the part where each girl goes up to the microphone and introduces herself and which state she's from really enthusiastically! Gretel thought each girl was greeting her personally, and giggled back at the tv! She would stop after they'd walk away, but start giggling when the next girl started talking! After about 10 girls in a row, I sat her down in front of the tv and ran to get the video camera, but she of course wouldn't do it for me! So I wish I had this filmed, but that's okay.
She's way into her toys lately...and rolling over tons!!!

She went to the Doc for her 4 month checkup and shots (so sad) today, and when the nurse first saw her, she raved at her cute face. Then, she whispered to Gretel, "they say all babies are cute, but they lie....I see them all, and you're the cutest!" I told her I agree, but I'm also her mom so....anyway, here are her stats:

Weight: 12%
Height: 65%
Head: 21%

In December at her 2 month checkup they were:

Weight: 21%
Head: 25%

My "plump dumpling" simmering in her bath water!

She really is one happy sweet and mellow!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just love Valentine's Day! It's a holiday full of eye candy! The red and pink, the glittered decor, yummy candy and chocolates....I love just strolling the aisles at the grocery store looking at all the fun packaging! But I look forward to it more and more every year because my hubby spends a lot of time creating a new Valentine every year, and writes hilarious and very sweet poems inside! He's done it every year since we were engaged, and it's become my fave thing to pull out our Valentines each year and read all of his past poems. This year he made a Hershey's kiss Valentine and the poem might've been his best work yet!
It's also a very exciting holiday because last year on Valentine's Day I found out I was pregnant! It was so fun- I stayed up all night writing Johnny a poem to tell him the big news! So now that's a really special one that I love reading along with all of Johnny's poems to me. John suggested we name her Gretel Valentine because it has such fun meaning to us...we were very close to using that for her middle name.

Our collection of poems...

Also, I had SO much fun two weeks ago! I got to go home for a very quick visit! My darling girlfriend Betsy got married!! I was so happy to be there- it was a fabulous day and the reception was tons of fun. She looked so stunning; I really would've been sad had I missed her big day...thanks dad, for flying me home for just a couple of days!

It was Gretel's first flight, and I was so relieved that she slept well both to and from Salt Lake. Everyone that saw her in the airport kept commenting on what huge eyes she had, and how alert she was! My parents picked me up from the airport, and my mom started crying as soon as she saw Gretel. I feel so bad that they don't get to see her more often-every day I think she's at such a fun age and wish my fam could see her more; but at least I got to play show-and-tell with her just before she turned 4 months!

Bets the Bride!!

We kept saying, "Daddy's little girls" in an obnoxious voice- then my dad joined in and it was even more hilarious!

I'm so glad my parents have so much energy-the grandbabies have a blast with them!

Hailey's cute boys Hudson and Oliver were very sweet to Gretel-they are such loves; they'd give me hugs and kisses whenever I asked!

So Saturday was extremely busy-we tried to pack as much into that day as possible since I was leaving the next day. We did some lunching, shopping, and I gave my mom and Hab pedicures. But the best part of all? I "got my hair did" as Missy Elliot (and mostly Hab and I) would say. So much better than touching up my partline roots myself, which is what I did a couple of months ago just to get me by!

Thanks to my sweet sis for doing a major rearrange of her schedule to fit me in, plus taking that Saturday off since it was our only time to play!!!

So here we are picking out some very fun Valentine spoils at Dear Lizzie. I had to get a pic of us introducing Gretel to our mecca!

What a fabulously fun weekend, fam! Can't wait to see you next time!
P.S. I have to clarify something from the last post. Gretel was NOT with me during my last encounter with the big bad dog. Thankfully, she was safe at home with Johnny!