Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Poopy!

I finally caught her in the act! She'll hate me for this when she's older, but I just wanted to remember how cute this was...she likes to crouch when visiting the powder room!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Patty's Day Pinchin' of Backsides, Baby!

FLASH BACKsides, that is!!!
This treasured photo was taken about 7 years ago, I'm guessing! You'll have to help me remember, Hab. Time really flies! We used to dress up for all the holidays and "choreograph" special dance moves to go with our obnoxious songs we'd sing. And Hab found our fab green and gold eyelashes at Old Navy that year.
I really miss these moments with my hilarious sister! Love you tons, and I hope you at least "long distance" pinch my buns this year!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

San Freakin' Fran!

This past Christmas, Abby had a great gift idea for me and Shauna. She said she wanted to take us to San Francisco for a girls hang out day, and treat us to pedicures at a salon she used to go to when she lived there.
So a couple of Saturdays ago, it worked out for all of us to go, and we had a blast!

Here we are, about to leave for our little was pouring rain here in Sac and the drive there was through crazy heavy rain. But we were pleasantly surprised that the weather in San Fran was perfect! Lucky us!

We started our day at my favorite breakfast place, "Judy's." It's the best food ever!

After some shopping at Anthropologie, we had a little time to kill before our pedi appointments, and we came across a thrift store. It was fun picking out some silly clothes-they had tons of great 70's stuff, and it made us want to throw a 70's party.

At the salon, "Silk." I love giving pedis, and I forget how awesome they are to receive!! Thanks, Abby!

I really like the flower petals they put in the water, and even though we were too full to enjoy this feature, they serve a big assortment of munchies on Saturdays.

Waiting for our tootsies to dry...

We needed to get back in time for our hubbies to go to "Man Night" which was an EQ hang out night. We really wanted to stay a lot longer, though.

On our way home, we stopped at the Yolo fruit stand, because Todd and Abby go there and always get wicked deals on their produce. I loved it, and saw lots of unusual little items. I picked up a bag of jalapeno cheddar pork skins and some habanero pistachios for Johnny to take to his "Man Night" because they seemed like MANLY snacks.

I did not buys these, they just looked weird.

We made one final stop for some Chipotle takeout on our way home.

And we had to expose how ridiculously packed the back seat was, although you can't totally tell from this picture. I had brought extra clothes and rain boots (just in case) and wth our shopping bags, produce, takeout, and other crap-ola, we were laughing that this was only a day trip. It's scary to think what the car would look like if we spent a weekend there, like we hope to do sometime.
I had sooo much fun, girls! Thanks for taking us to your old 'hood Abby!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Little "Granola Bar"

This is what Johnny calls her since she's obsessed with being outside!

It all started when I took her out in the backyard just to take some pictures at the end of January. We needed a little fresh air/fashion show since we'd been stuck in the house due to rainy winter weather, and it was a cloudy but dry day...

She was very tentative the whole time. But I could see she wanted to explore, so I placed her beside the tiny kumquat tree. She didn't really like it and tried to get back to where she felt safe, on the patio.

Since then she's become obsessed with being outside and walking around by herself. She likes to be in the backyard with me, and she even tries to bite into the kumquats before I can bring them inside to wash them.
She also likes to wriggle out of the front of her stroller. It's so hard to sit her in there and strap her in-she makes her body go floppy and slides beneath the front bar to get out.

You can see how pleased she is, but trying not to smile....

and with such focus, she needs to use that lizard tongue of hers!

Happy happy
Joy joy (remember ren and stimpy?)

Then when it's time to come inside, she has a meltdown. It's usually after about and hour. That's after the park, walking around with Gwen, or sometimes both.
(I feel like I'm pretty generous with the amount of time that we're outside, but it's never enough)
It's sad but very funny. She tries to get her little finger in the crack of the door to open it, or lifts one leg to try and climb out.

This is my favorite picture; so dejected.

Then, she throws her stroller backward in anger.

The next day, same thing!

Serenity now!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bachelor Party!

No, there were no strippers unfortunately...(maybe someday I'll get to see The Thunder from Down Under)

Watching shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette are completely different when you watch them with hilarious girlfriends like these!!!

So to celebrate our guilty pleasure's finale last night, we had a little bash with lots of munchies! The treats that tickled our tastebuds included: potato skins, soft pretzels, veggies/dip, chips/salsa, strawberry pineapple smoothies, cream cheese brownies, truffles and mint milanos.

Yes, at least our munchies were better than the results of the show!

Don't hate me Shauna-I loved this picture and people will understand that you were chewing!

Can't wait for the Bachelorette to start, so we can do this all over again!

Also, I did Gretel's hair in "Grinchy" style today! We were talkin' about this just the other day, here you go!!!