Friday, December 26, 2008

"FRA-GI-LE... must be Italian!"

Gretel's First Christmas!!!

My beloved leg lamp is still one of my fave things! I got it for Christmas about 5 years ago from my parents and I just love does our little Christmas Elf!

Thanks, Mimi for sending such a festive hair accessory early-she's been wearing her glittering poinsettia headband to all her little Christmas parties!

We stayed in "Sac Town" for Christmas this year, and although we really missed our families, we had a fun and relaxing time spending the holiday here.

On Christmas Eve, a very fun family in our ward, the Gillespies, invited us over for dinner. It was so delish, and after dinner they always do a Nativity with their little kids; Gretel was baby Jesus which was very cute. They have a little girl that's just a month older than Gretel, who played a sheep, and their other daughter was Mary. Their two boys did various roles-they are such a darling family. We really had a great time!

On Christmas morning, Johnny woke me up and wanted us all to go and open presents-he's such a little boy! I call him my "manchild." I love Christmas, but he gets even more excited than I do. He's been memorizing "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and lately he's been talking about how he can't wait to dress up as Santa for future family parties because he says, "Santa is the jolliest man in the whole world." I have a very cute hubby!

We had a lot of fun opening our gifts to each other. But it felt so strange to us to open what our families got us without them-we really miss everyone!

Gretel was spoiled by her very sweet and generous grandparents (as were we!) Our parents are very good to us. She got some way fun books, toys, fab clothes, movies, and a little swing.

She's happy in her swing as long as her little mobile above her is moving. Since this particular swing doesn't have a mobile that moves on its own, Johnny and I were constantly jiggling it for her. Then, I had a brilliant idea-I tied some string from the mobile to the sides of the swing, so as she rocks back and forth, it makes her little friends above her move, too! She loves watching them now!

A couple of weeks ago, I took Gretel on a little shopping spree with me so we could get her first Christmas ornament! I saw in Anthropologie's catalog that they had these "milkmaid" ornaments! It was meant to be, because that's what Johnny calls her. So here she is-one little milkmaid posing with another!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gretel Gumdrops Was Blessed!

We blessed the little cupcake on November 30, and it was a great day! She looked so precious in her little gown...I felt so nervous for Johnny that morning. He didn't feel nervous, but I just kept thinking that I'm so happy I'm not a boy, because this would be so terrifying! But he did a wonderful job! My parents, Teal, and John's parents all came to town for the blessing, and it was great to see everyone.

I know Thanksgiving is old news now, but here is what we did. My fam arrived Wednesday night, so it made Thanksgiving really memorable to have them there! We cooked in my little kitchen Thanksgiving Day- We had a blast, hanging out and playing with the Wii Fit!

Johnny's parents arrived on Friday. We went to the movies... all but Johnny (he stayed home to study for finals, so that was sad) We thought it would be fun for the guys to see the new James Bond and the girls could see Twilight!! That's right, Gretel Girlfriend went to her first movie-what a great chick flick to start her off! She woke up partway through, and was loving it. Her eyes were open so wide-she looked fascinated! She must have a little crush on Edward, too!

It was so nice to see our families-thanks everyone for traveling to see us... or I guess to see Gretel, really! Now that we have a baby it's fun to have more visits from you all!

A few more pics we took that weekend....

Johnny bathing her; I love how she's looking up at him. What a little lamb!

My mom giving her a bath; she says all the time, "Gretel really loves me-she thinks I'm all that!"

Gretel has been very smiley and she coos a lot!! Her little voice is so fun to hear!