Monday, June 14, 2010

Groucho Marx

Some days Gretel's nickname is "Groucho Marx" because of the grouchy faces she pulls like this:

She has been extra sweet lately, but a while ago when I took these pictures of her I'm pretty sure it was a teething day. I blame it on that anyway...

This is not a leg lift-she's throwing herself around while having a little tantrum.

She also hits herself on the forehead when she gets upset, or she'll find the nearest wall to bang her forehead against.

There's lots of high-pitched shrieking and whining...

followed by more dirty looks directed at me because I'm taking pictures of the whole thing!!

But the good thing about Gretel is that she does recover very quickly from these moments, and is back to her sweet self! I think I've been seeing less of "Groucho" lately because she's getting better at communicating with me, so I'm glad she's less frustrated!!

Gretel's new sleeping arrangements!

A couple of weeks ago, Johnny took off her crib railing (good suggestion Hab) and he removed the springs so her mattress would just rest on the drawer of her crib. (Her crib wasn't a convertible one) It has worked out really well! We cleared out her room so there was no bookshelf to climb on or books and toys to play with. It looks very empty and also very clean!!
Johnny put a soft blankie on the floor the first couple of nights just in case she didn't make it back in bed and happened to fall asleep on the floor. But she didn't end up needing it, so that was nice.

She LOVES this "No No Yes Yes" book-thanks mom!

After we lay her down in bed, she will sometimes run toward her door trying to follow us while crying. But other times she's really good and just stays in bed.
If she's ever out of bed because of playing/running around her room or because she's upset, she always makes it onto her bed to sleep. So that makes us feel good!! I can't believe it...our baby is growing up!