Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Cookie Exchange!!!

This year I hosted my first cookie exchange with the girls in my ward, and it was so much fun!! I remembered doing this activity a long time ago with my fave "Beehive" leader, Kristy O. and I just loved it. So I've wanted to host one ever since.

I made some snacks to eat along with the cookies-cinnamon rolls, cheeseball/crackers, truffles, hot cocoa and hot butterscotch.

I requested that my guests wear an ugly Christmas sweater/silly festive clothes, and there was a prize for best outfit and for best cookie-we voted anonymously!


These are all the cookies that we still had left after everyone had sampled and taken home a plate of them all, and we donated them to a women's and children's shelter.


Courtney on the right (below) won best cookie with her snowflake sugar cookies!
They were so professional looking, and yummy too!

Below, Abby and Amanda posing in their awesome costumes! Abby won first place, and Amanda was close behind in second place! Great outfits; thanks for getting so into it!!

Random, recent pictures of the cupcake!

Gretel's favorite words right now are "Mom," "Baby," and "Doggy." She is constantly jabbering and making lots of cute noises. She also likes to hold phones (and sometimes other things too) to her ear and say "Hi!" I just love hearing her high-pitched, sweet little voice!