Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chels learns the ABC's: F is for FELINE

Let me explain why I, Chels am learning the ABC's along with Gretel. I have obviously missed out on a lot during my school days. (I daydreamed all day instead of paying attention)

My confusion is almost always related to animals, and very basic ones. My family makes fun of me and every time a funny story involving an animal occurs, my family says we need to add that one to the alphabet: like R for rats and F for felines.

I'll back up to when it all began.....I was 18, and Hab was 21.

When Hab and I took our cousin to the zoo for his 1st birthday, Hab told me to run ahead and read the signs pointing to the different ways we could go, so we'd know what route to choose. I was bewildered when I saw a sign with the word "Felines" on it. I yelled to her, "Well, we can either see the elephants, or the FAY-LEENS!" She said, "What?" and came closer to see the sign because she didn't know what fay-leens were. She howled with laughter while crossing her legs to keep from wetting her pants while she explained to me that the word was pronounced FEE-LINES. I told her I had no idea what that was-I'd never heard of it. (More embarrassing, there was a picture of a cat right on the sign)

She said, "C'mon-you've heard of it!! Canine=dogs, Feline=cats!"

No-I just kept telling her that I'd never heard of it in my life. The best part is that a woman was sitting on a bench right there by us, and heard the whole thing. She looked as though we'd made her day! So we took a picture right then and there!

That was ten years ago-I can't believe after all these years I am still having major issues with my animals. I will be posting my "ABC's" as a series, because they are so plentiful!