Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Bearded Baby in the Baby Bjorn!!!

Dreams really do come true! (I'm sorry, Gretel, that you weren't the first to use the Baby're already so good at sharing!) It has truly been my greatest dream ever since the first day we got Gwennie to have her tucked in a little front-pack just like my baby kangaroo! I even remember asking to borrow Hailey's the day after we'd brought Gwen home, because I wanted to hold her all the time, and thought I could do my makeup and other stuff with her in it.

So a couple of months ago, the groomer told me it looked like Gwen had an ear infection. So I took her to the vet that same day (poor little lamb-she had a rough day) and they found that both ears were infected, one a little worse than the other. So, we've had to give her eardrops twice a day. The first two days of this were the worst! She wasn't even acting the same-very agitated, and she couldn't get comfy to fall asleep, because I think it hurt her to lay her head down. So, she would tilt her head up, and try to hold it there, and after a while, her eyes would start to shut, but she was getting no sleep! Even at night (she sleeps in our bed) she'd hop around trying to get comfortable, but couldn't. The next day, she just wanted to be held by either me or Johnny, so I decided to bust out the Bjorn! I was elated to find that she loved it! I stuffed it with a little blankie so she'd stay curled up, and it was perfect! I cleaned bathrooms, changed sheets, and other housework while Gretel napped and thankfully Gwennie got a little nap too. She was very content! Her sick day was my moment of glee!

So, that was then; (her ears are all better) and this is now: Our Brush With Death!! It just happened this morning and it was terrifying! We were out for a walk, when this pitbull ran up to us. No leash or tags, and the trail we were walking along was filled with people saying they've seen him roaming around without an owner in sight since yesterday. I soon realized this was our second encounter with this exact same dog. Thankfully, he seemed more calm (and a little skinnier-poor thing is probably hungry) than last time. This is what happened a month and a half ago: He ran up to me, and I didn't know how to get rid of him. As he jumped all over me, I was desperately looking for the owner. I didn't have my cell with me, but Johnny was at class anyway. So I was relieved when a car pulled up beside me to help. I had Gretel in the stroller, and Gwen cowering at my feet, yelping with fright. The woman in the car said she'd drive around the block to look for the possible owner. She came back with no luck, and could see that with with every step I took the dog would jump on me so hard that I couldn't move. I tried putting Gwen in the bottom of my stroller, but she was too resistant. So the woman in the car took Gwen and followed me home.

This is what happened today. The dog was acting fine and Gwen was scared but doing well, but just as we were getting closer to home, the dog got more excited. He really is a friendly dog that just wants to play, but he became a lot more scary when he ignored my desperate commands of "down" and "sit" and just kept jumping on us. He was calmer when Gwen was on the ground, but I think he stepped on her, so I scooped her up, and it got worse. 3 people were trying to help get him off me, but had no luck. One girl called Johnny for me, and he drove to pick me. While I waited for him (it took 1 minute because we were very close to my house) there was this other family watching as they were taking piles of laundry and stuff out to their car. When the dog noticed them and ran in their direction, they all screamed, dropped their stuff, ran in the house and slammed the door just in time! So he came back to me, and was practically pants-ing me with each jump. I was trying to hold up my pants, hold Gwen out of his reach and his nails had ripped 3 holes in my clothes. I was so dang mad! I looked so disheveled when i got home - think Edward Rooney from Ferris Bueller. Pretty hilarious now but sooo scary at the time. Sorry there are no pics of my bedraggled self- our camera wasn't charged! The experience reminded me of one of my favorite quotes. "Have you ever had your face gnawed on by a wolf? Its no joy ride..."
- Big Bad Wolf (Fairy Tale Theater)

Here is a cute pic of Gretel instead....I took this a while ago after I'd styled her hair in devil wings!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Holiday Visitors!!

My Mom and sisters (Erin and Caitland) and niece (Ellie) and Gwennie's brother Gus came out the week before Christmas and kept Chelsea company while I got ready for finals.

I'm not sure what the girly group did with that week. I spent most of the time in a hotel room learning how to apply the rule against perpituities.

So that was a little shout out to my fam. Now on to the reason why people even check this blog.

New Pics!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

On New Year's Eve, some friends of ours, Zack and Katie, invited us over to play games with them. We played a snowboarding game on the Wii Fit, and had a Sequence marathon. (my fave game) We always do girls against boys, and this time we beat the boys time after time! A few months ago, they taught us how to play Mahjong which is also a great game! We are so lucky to have such nice, fun friends to hang out with!

Gretel was tired and having a hard time falling asleep amidst the party atmosphere. So she was a little fussy, and I'm so glad I captured her sad face, because she hasn't really made this face before! Also, she is very funny when she's mad or frustrated because she makes lots of high-pitched squealing noises. What a little piglet...I love to say to her, "little pig, little pig, let me come in-not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!" She also loves to blow spit bubbles lately and coo and talk to me through her binky. What a fun age this is!