Monday, September 14, 2009

My Cohorts: PARTY ON!!!

I feel like this past summer was a nonstop party! My friends and I seem to always have something in the works...and if not, we'll find a reason to get together! (After our babies are in bed, of course) I joke around that we're like a bunch of teen moms.

I went to a "Tacky Party" hosted by Angella and Katie. We got to dress in our tackiest outfits. I had sooo much fun getting ready. And Gretel loved watching me get ready. She was in awe as I was doing my hair and makeup! And you can see why...Johnny looked horrified when I came downstairs and saw him for the first time. He said, "it looks like you have a really bad sunburn!"

These pictures don't really do it justice, but Hab-I thought you'd really love seeing this!

My face makeup was much darker than my neck because I used tons of bronzer and made a definite line. Also, my blush was in two perfect lines, and it's hard to tell from the photo but I'd done super dark lipliner and really white frosted lips.

You can't tell, but I'm wearing socks and crocs!

The next group of pictures is of our Girls Gone Wild Karaoke Night. It was a going away party for our friend Jessica, who was moving to a different part of California. It was also Margarita's birthday that we were we found this Asian karaoke lounge where you have your very own private room. It was fantastic!! We stayed until midnight I think, but the place stays open until 4 am!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gretel's Cohorts!

These pictures were taken on July 5, so although it was a while ago, I still wanted to remember all the cute babies that were born within the year. My friend Abby arranged for the babies to pose together, and I thought it was such a cute idea!

From left to right: Carissa, Avery, Brynn, Gretel, Claire, Samantha, and Katie

back row:Heather(Gibson), Abby (Avery), Bee (Carissa), Julie (Samantha), Katie (Claire)
front row: Kerry (Katie), Me (Gretel), Jaycee (Christian), Char (Brynn)

Only 2 boys and 7 girls!

My friend Heather was out of town when the picture was taken, but here is a picture of her little girls, Evelyn (just turned one!) and Nicole

Gretel also had tons of fun one day with Justin and Carissa!

Their mom Bee who is an awesome cook came over to teach me how to make chicken wings, stir-fry, and sticky rice (with my new authentic pot & basket) Then they stayed and ate with yummy! She has also taught me how to make egg rolls. Thanks for the cooking lesson, Bee!

Johnny and I have met so many wonderful people that we just LOVE since moving here-so these are a few pics that I wanted to journal a little about. To be continued....because there are a lot more fun things I need to write about!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gretel's Tongue Tricks!

We've noticed for a long time that Gretel has an unusually long tongue. And for the past few months she's really started having fun with it! I love how she knows she's being silly when she does all these funny things with it!
It's so long and pointy-I like to call her my little "Genie Simmons!" (you know, from the gross 80's rock band Kiss)

I had a hard time choosing which pictures to post; we just love our little lizard!!!