Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring has Sprung - Merry Eastermas!

I'm sure Chels will be changing that title any moment now...

Well, April has been a fun month so far for our little family here in California. At the beginning of the month Chels decided to start feeding Gretel rice cereal. This has been a big hit and Gretel looks forward to sitting in her little chair and being spoon fed (she is just like her papa).

"Eat your rice, you need your strength!"

Now something about this little girl. Gretel does not cry. She yells, squawks, whines and grunts but this little girl does not cry (she doesn't even do those other things very often) So needless to say I was very shocked at her reaction when I attempted to serenade her to Tom Jones's "Shes a Lady". After the first verse she froze and just looked at me like this:

I thought it was pretty comical. She wouldn't move at all - and she looked like she was terrified of me. In hindsight my attempt to rectify the situation probably wasn't the best, but I thought that if I kept singing the song, she would just realize that it was her silly ol' dad. The following pics explain the rest...

Yes that is an actual tear by her eye!

I tried to apologize but it was too late! The tears were flowing..

Lets chalk this one up to the up and coming teething phase, in the mean time I'll let Chels handle all Tom Jones impersonations.
On to the main event: EASTER!!
Even though we miss being with our families around these fun holidays, Chels and I put in a pretty good effort to make these occasions fun and memorable. In addition to it being Easter it was also Gretel's half birthday!
The festivities started with an Easter egg hunt organized by our friend Shauna, at the park.

Soaking up the sun in the dewy meadow!

She didn't get any candy eggs but she still had fun.
Easter was fun! Chels and I (mostly chels) made a yummy din din - Chicken cor don Bleu and some red potatoes au johnny, and a touch of asparagus. And dessert was provided by Tiny Tina - thanks for the Cummings Eggs!

Gretel wanted to thank Grama Mimi and Craiger for helping to fill the Easter basket, and for her cute little Easter dress.

As a thank you, little Gretel will be sending some Easter pics to the Grandparents

This one is our favorite!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Raffle, Raffle At The Darlybird "Mall"...

Who's The Luckiest Girl Of All?

'TIS I!!!!

I just won the biggest, best, girliest give-away of all time!!! Yes, and when I found out the wonderful news I pranced around the house like a lunatic with my arms outstretched above me. I couldn't stop yelling, "I won I won I won!" "YESSSSS!" (with extra long hissing at the end)

I suddenly remembered a few of the items promised when I entered the contest, so my little victory dance included short, quick movements while shouting things like,

"Lip Balm!"

"Cupcake Supplies!"

"Apron for Gretel!"


I couldn't stop talking about "My Prize" and when I would go and collect my winnings!

I kept saying obnoxious things like, "Raffle me this, Raffle me that..."

Anyway, take a peek at my stash!

Here are Gretel's slippers, some bobbies/hair clips, earrings, cupcake toppers & papers, a skull onesie, cake topper, necklace & lip balm!

A dress for Gretel that I just LOVE!

Gretel's apron so we can bake cuppie-cakes together!

My apron!

A clutch and wide belt!

I feel like I robbed her blind!

Now you can understand why I was celebrating just like the Dad on "A Christmas Story" when he won that hideodorous leg lamp-so tacky. Wait! I have one of those!!

It's one of my prized possessions, actually!
Before I knew that I was the winner, I'd told a friend (I feel really bad because she was the one who emailed me the info about the raffle) that I am pretty lucky with raffles...I just get this feeling like I know my name will be called....I can still remember winning a can of pop in 6th grade from a raffle!! (I'm very easy to please)
It was totally meant to be, because when I arrived to pick up the goods, I was wearing a shirt that had this design on the front.....

Rachel (Darlybird's generous owner) immediatedly noticed and pointed out that it was the exact same flower as the one on the hair clip I was about to receive!!! (Gretel's hair clip, really-but mine until she gets hair)
Anyway, we thought that it was the craziest coincidence ever!

(thanks to Hab for my recent, fresh highlights!)
THANK YOU, RACHEL! You really have no idea how excited I am and how much Gretel and I will forever love and treasure our goodies!!

Gretel modeling her skull onesie-Johnny's fave; he loves skulls
We decided to give her the full, "thugged out" look with the chain!
(thanks to Katie aka "Rowberry" for making such a darling bow for Gretel)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Get Your Shop On!

I have to tell you about a fabulously fun website called Darlybird. It's http://www.darlybird.com/ and you can find anything cute and wonderful there for yourself, or your little dumpling!! The owner (Rachel) lives near me, and she is sooo talented and creative. Last year I got a gift certificate to Darlybird for my birthday, and I spent the afternoon shopping for nifty-gifties for myself, Gretel, and even my hubby-I got him some awesome cuff links. Anyway, you must check this out-I could spend hours looking at her website, and I'm lucky enough to be able to drop by and look at the eye candy in person! She really has something fun for everyone and every age!

My b-day stash-I also got a full apron that isn't pictured here, but I feel like a cute cook when I wear it!