Sunday, August 23, 2009

Girls Rule-Boys Drool-Girls Trip '09!

My mom and sister came to "SacTown" so we could have a GIRLS TRIP!! It was soo much fun-we laughed nonstop at everything!! The first night they came, they babysat while Johnny and I went to the David Archie concert at Arco Arena. My very thoughtful mother-in-law got us the tickets and we had awesome seats-thank you Cheryl...we had so much fun!

Gretel gasps for air when you blow on her face; she likes this game with Auntie!

We did lots of shopping and took Gretel with us everywhere-she is such a good, easy baby! She never cries, even when she's beyond tired! My very sweet dad sent some spending money for us to have some fun with-thanks dad; you're the best! We went to the Nordstrom sale, Posh Punkins, It's a Small World, Anthropologie (sort of-ha ha) The Paper Garden, The Juicy store and other mall shops. Above all, we went to WETZEL'S PRETZELS! We always make a very big deal and plan our days around Wetzel's-they make the best pretzels on earth; so fresh, soft, buttery, doughy yet chewy, and just the right amount of salt! (they don't have a Wetzels in Utah and I actually tried to mail them to Hailey once; the postal worker thought I was crazy!)

We had a little cupcake picnic in the dressing room

I loved this picture of Gretel eyeing the goods and licking her chops!

Being obnoxious in the lingerie department; my mom was not amused or willing to pose! You look "BOOTylicious" Hab! No one has ever looked so sexy in a gi-normous black boot...

We also ate out at lots of my fave places: Jack's Urban Eats, B.J.'s (the giggliest dinner by far-we had too much fun there. It was late and we were punchy!) Baja Fresh, Cupcake Craving, The Counter, and we also shared a big scoop of coffee ice cream from Coldston-YUM!

Part of our mall excursion was to take Gretel to get her 9 month pictures taken. Ever since I heard that "The Picture People" put Gretel's 6 month angel wing photo up in their store's window, I've wanted to take her so I could snap a picture of her next to her portrait. So it finally happened!

Another highlight was when I needed to prepare for teaching Sunday's lesson to the YW on Testimony. Hailey and my mom know every word to Janice Kapp Perry's "Testimony" song, and started making up hilarious hand motions while singing, just like the Happy Hands Club on Napolean Dynamite! I made them sing it for part of my lesson, but they just sang it in normal voices and without the funny moves-thanks for your help ladies!!
We finished off our great weekend with a little "HAIR'S....HAILEY" (said in a drawn-out presenting voice like, "Here's Hailey"-my mom made that up and thinks it's really funny) Beauty Extravaganza! Hailey did a few of my girlfriends' hair!




Eating dessert while watching The Bachelorette...

We had such a fabulous weekend together-and there was still so much that we had planned that we didn't get to do...
I have coupons for Wetzel's-buy two get one FREE! I think this is a sign that you need to come again soon for a girls trip encore!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

4th of July! (one month late!)

We had a really fun 4th of July this year! We took Gretel swimming during the day with our friends and their babies, and had a really yummy bbq at night with even more fun friends!! Then we watched fireworks on the street in the cold & windy weather. It had been such a warm day-it was shocking how chilly it turned! It was very memorable, and although we missed our families, it was such a blast celebrating with our cute friends!! Gretel had a lot of fun playing with her little friends, too!

Our little firecracker!