Friday, August 30, 2013

Last summer

 Here are some pictures that I still love.  Atticus looked so sweet in this hat.

He started smiling and cooing so early!  Always such a happy baby, grinning at everyone.  Strangers walking by were always so shocked and would say, "he's smiling at me!"  Such a social one!

Some good faces.  She was very specific.  She needed her watermelon cut just like this, and she would show me with her fingers...

She went through a long phase where she would fall asleep every night on the floor with her stuffed animals.  We would move her to her bed, and sometimes she would get out of bed again to lay on the floor.

One of my very favorite outfits of his!!

In Newport- it's always such fun there!!

Cuddling at night on the patio.  Then Johnny wanted to try a fun shot with the camera.

Gretel lives for the hot tub with Dad:)

Gretel put this crown on him while playing in the toy room!  I thought it was hilarious.  She loves him SO MUCH!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Atticus's Blessing Day

We blessed Atticus last July and we were so lucky that our family came to town for the blessing!!  Not only did Johnny's parents and my parents and Hab come, but also my fave cousins too!  It was such fun, and so nice to have family there.  I love my little Atticus so much-he and I instantly bonded, and I feel so lucky to have such a fun girl like Gretel and a sweet little boy too!!

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Last summer fun!

We have moved to Clovis (Fresno basically) and so much has happened in the past year that has kept us busy, and I have fallen so behind on our blog which  makes me sad.  Atticus has completely changed since he is now 14 months!
There are so many things that I would like to still remember, even though I have gotten so behind... So here is a very quick glimpse of what we did last summer, while we were still living in Sacramento, and in our old house. 

This is Gretel's friend Brynn, and it was their last play date before they moved away.  She still talks about her!

Gretel's favorite thing to do to Atticus was to cover his head with blankets like this

Also, it was the 4th of July and he wore the perfect ensemble thanks to Mimi!

We did something really fun and went to Woodland to watch fireworks with Abby and Todd and their girls, and the Dyer family and other families from our ward were there too.   We stopped and got some food for a picnic and ate there, then let Gretel play on the giant bouncy obstacle course/slide.

A classic Gretel face!

With her friends Avery and Chloe

Just a couple of random pictures of "my chubby man" as I like to call him

Gretel and I had lots of tea parties with hot cocoa, whipped cream and marshmallows too!  She loved to scoop the whipped cream from the creamer and stir it into her cocoa, and arrange the marshmallows in circles around her teacups.  We would do "cheers" and I taught her how to lift her pinky finger while holding her cup, just like my Grandma Margie taught me!

I took them swimming one day and just thought I would snap a couple of pictures of her in her suit and cover-up.  She lives for sour cream & onion pringles, which she calls "spicy chips"

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