Friday, August 30, 2013

Last summer

 Here are some pictures that I still love.  Atticus looked so sweet in this hat.

He started smiling and cooing so early!  Always such a happy baby, grinning at everyone.  Strangers walking by were always so shocked and would say, "he's smiling at me!"  Such a social one!

Some good faces.  She was very specific.  She needed her watermelon cut just like this, and she would show me with her fingers...

She went through a long phase where she would fall asleep every night on the floor with her stuffed animals.  We would move her to her bed, and sometimes she would get out of bed again to lay on the floor.

One of my very favorite outfits of his!!

In Newport- it's always such fun there!!

Cuddling at night on the patio.  Then Johnny wanted to try a fun shot with the camera.

Gretel lives for the hot tub with Dad:)

Gretel put this crown on him while playing in the toy room!  I thought it was hilarious.  She loves him SO MUCH!

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