Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday Part 2

I can't believe Gretel is already 2!! On her "special day," Johnny brought her a Winnie-the-Pooh balloon (she wants to hold one every time she sees them at the store) and we opened presents, played at the park, and just relaxed and had a fun day!

Below, she's modeling outfits that both Mimi and Grandma gave her.

We invited a few friends over for a cupcake-themed party, which was a lot of fun!
I made tissue paper pom-poms and was excited about how they turned out. (The tissue paper had cupcakes and sprinkles on them.)

First, I read them the story "Pinkalicious" and then we had a snack. Below are some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a little raspberry on top, but we also had cupcake-shaped jello jigglers which were the biggest hit of all!

Then, we had a cakewalk which was really cute. I wasn't sure how this would go with girls this young, but they all seemed to catch on to the idea and liked it! I have some cute video of this!

Next, a little craft time! I had drawn large paper cupcakes for them to decorate by coloring them & applying little foam stickers.

After that, Gretel got to open some really fun gifties!

Then, cake time!

As the party was winding down, we turned some kids songs on nice and loud (same as we used for our cakewalk) and danced in the family room! It was really cute to see the little girls all dancing together. Then my M-I-L Cheryl read them "Pinkalicious" again.
She was my biggest help-I wouldn't have been able to finish doing anything for the party without her. I am never good at judging time, and how long each task will take. Thank you, Cheryl! You were a true lifesaver!

The little party favor-I should've taken a pic of the little cake balls before they were wrapped, but was short on time! They were little cupcake truffles and I also made cupcake hair clips that were attached to the package.
Happy Birthday, my sweet little cupcake! You are the best little girl in the whole world! I just love you so much, and I love smelling you at night when you're sleeping. Thanks for letting me nibble on your face and ears all the time, too. You are simply delicious!!


BBC said...

holy moly chelsea! what a super fun party!!! i bet gretel LOVED her special day!

Katrina said...

What a DARLING party, Chelsea! Everything you do has such cute style and flair; I love it!!!

KatieKaseyBrielle said...

What a cute party!!! I love the cupcake peanut butter sandwiches and the hair clips you made!! You are so crafty :-) Gretel is darling!!!

Unknown said...

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Kristy said...

Too, too darling!!! What fun pictures. She is really adorable, and you are just like Hailey! The best party givers ever!