Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Wicked Witch of the West

Gretel loves witches-she notices them when we're in a store, or she finds them in certain pages of books (like Snow White) and growls at me while opening the page. Her favorite page in the book "A Cache of Jewels" is the page with a coven of witches, and we talk about their pointy noses and chins, and we point to all of their scary warts on their faces.
So I thought the perfect costume for her this year would be a witch!! She especially loved wearing her little hat.

We planned on attending a big Stake Halloween carnival, and since she's so naughty about taking naps and only falls asleep in the car, I decided to drive her around for an hour in hopes that she'd take a nap. I have never wasted that much gas doing this-I knew it was a horrible thing to do, but I just wanted her to nap so she wouldn't fall asleep on the way to the party. Unfortunately, my plan failed, and she did not take a nap. But she did fall asleep just as we were pulling in to the parking lot of the church. Then she slept through the entire thing, and woke up at the very end just as we were leaving. She was so furious that it was a major fight to get her into her car seat.
It was a different type of scary Halloween for us! Scary and very depressing for me...I had such high hopes and it was a total let down since she didn't get to enjoy any of the festivities.

Oh well-there's always next year I guess.

I was proud of her tutu that I made!

"OOOh Whooooo-Witchy Woman...See how high she flies" (sing-song voice, of course)

We love our little Wicked Witch of the West!!

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Hailey said...

what a cute, wicked witch! sorry it was such a bust, but that's usually how it goes! Cute costume, or costoon as Hudda would say!